August 2021 Winner Showcase

The last full month of summer was a fun time for many of our players who didn’t miss a chance to get in the Prize Craze and win some fantastic prizes! We know many of our players don’t miss a day of entering and that’s exactly how to get the best chance of winning the prizes you like. By not missing any of your free daily entries, you’re claiming every possible chance to win and that’s precisely how to maximize your prize-winning potential!

Our first shoutout goes to the $25 Daily Cash Prize winners including Ceila Elaine D. of Lehigh Acres, Florida; Demetria A. in San Antonio, Texas; Michael W. in Benton Harbor, Michigan; Donna L. from Magna, Utah; Nicholas S. in Nashville, Tennessee; Donna B. in Fremont, California; and all our daily winners who received a nice surprise in their email with $25 to collect as a check by mail, Amazon Gift Card or PayPal payment. There’s some cash to have a bit of fun like a nice lunch with a friend or family member, get a haircut or manicure, put gas in your car, or buy yourself a gift! Whatever you’d like to do, you have many choices of how to spend $25 and we hope you enjoyed winning! We give this cash prize away every day so be sure to enter every day and keep an eye out for emails from us. You could be our next daily winner!

Angie R. in Palm Springs, Florida, won the $20 Cash Raffle on August 7! Congrats, Angie! Maybe you’ll buy some treats for your doggies so they can feel like winners too! Or you might head to your favorite drive-through and get burgers all around for you and your doggies! After all, what pup doesn’t like to be spoiled by the magic of someone handing food into the car window and we know you’re a great dog mom so we’re sure you’ll share your prize money with them! Enjoy!

Judy D. of Georgetown, South Carolina, won the super fun Kindle Fire 7 Tablet on August 10! With built-in Alexa, you’re sure to streamline your daily tasks, entertainment and even control your smart home devices easily with voice control! And since you can easily take your tablet on the go, you can enjoy all your favorite activities, including playing PrizeCraze, no matter where you are. We love giving this prize away so much, we’re doing it again, so be sure to keep entering until the next giveaway date if you’d like to win one too!

Linda J. in Braeside, Ontario, Canada, has $50 to spend on since she won the gift card giveaway on August 12! That’s always a fun site to shop on since there are so many things to choose from; you’re sure to find just about anything you could want! Al R. in Delray Beach, Florida, also has some extra cash on hand since winning the $100 Cash Prize Raffle on August 13! Lucky 13! Enjoy it, Al!

Sabrina A. in Lore City, Ohio, also won $100 Cash on August 19! Perhaps you’ll head over to the Lavendar Moon Emporium to see what interesting things you can buy with your prize money! That looks like a fun place to browse around!

Martha S. in Bellville, Washington, won $250 Cash on August 19! There’s a nice chunk of change to help pay the bills, buy groceries and invite your family over for a great Sunday dinner, or just go shopping and pick out whatever you want to!

Prize Craze offers a unique selection of awesome cash and prize sweepstakes games which are 100% free to enter every day. Just pick the prizes you like and enter to win. Get 5 or 10 daily entries for each prize until the contest ends and a winner is selected from the total number of entries we receive. Each prize sweepstakes has a specific end date, so be sure to get all your daily entries in during the contest. The more you enter, the more you max out your chances to win the prizes you want!