Winner Showcase January 2024

If you love winning free prizes, PrizeCraze is the place to be! Our sweepstakes are easy to enter, totally free and only require an email address to submit your entries. It’s as simple as that to get in the PrizeCraze for the chance to win! We’ve got a bunch of winners to congratulate this month. What a fantastic way to start the new year!

Michael S. of Stollings, West Virginia, is certainly off to a Happy New Year since winning the super cool Samsung Chromebook prize drawing on January 8! Now you’ve got the whole wide world at your fingertips no matter where your travels take you! This sturdy and very reliable laptop is sure to be your favorite prized possession and we hope you enjoy it for a long time to come!

Tonya T. in Kansas City, Kansas, also has an extra reason to be happy since she won the $50 Cash Vault Prize on January 8. Way to rock those Craze Coins, Tonya! Now you have extra cash on hand if you were planning to host a Super Bowl party to cheer on the Chiefs and hopefully see them emerge victorious!

John B. from Glen Allen, Virginia, is also a happy winner since his entry was chosen in the $250 Visa Gift Card Prize drawing on January 9! That could be perfect timing to pay off some of your holiday bills if that’s something you were looking forward to getting off your expense list early! That’s only one of many ways you can spend your prize money since Visa is accepted just about anywhere, in person or online!

Delores K. of Mount Ephraim, New Jersey, also rocked her Craze Coins and walked away with a $25 Amazon Gift Card on January 17! It’s always exciting to have gift card money in your Amazon account to pick out anything you’d like to buy. With so many products to choose from, the choices are virtually endless. Perhaps you’ll get that new long zipper hoodie you have saved in your cart for later so you can stay cozy and warm this winter! That’s one idea of something you might enjoy spending your gift card money on.

Thomas A. of Sparta, North Carolina, is also enjoying a free shopping experience on Amazon since he won the $50 Amazon Gift Card prize drawing on January 17! That is definitely exciting and perhaps you also have something saved for later you’ve been wanting to buy. Now you can move it to your cart and check out with your gift card money to pay for it!

Shriley B. in Effingham, South Carolina, also entered her Craze Coins and landed on the $20 Cash Prize on January 21! That’s a nice surprise you might use to enjoy lunch at your favorite downtown café, or perhaps you’ll add some extra groceries to your shopping cart and buy something special to make for dinner.

Heather H. from Fairgrove, Michigan, might be lounging around watching some funny videos on YouTube, among other things she can do with the Kindle Fire 8 Tablet she won on January 27! If you’ve never had a tablet, the Kindle is certainly going to be your new favorite device. No matter where you go or what you need to do, your Kindle will be there to give you a great experience whether it’s browsing the web, attending to daily tasks, catching up with friends, reading or listening to a book, and so much more!

Allen K. of Niverville, New York, put a nice crisp Benjamin in his wallet after winning the $100 Cash Prize drawing on January 28! This is another of our Craze Coin bonus prizes, so don’t forget to enter yours for the chance to be among our next lucky winners!